My standard apology….

….in 50 words, no more, no less. I’m sorry. I was standing up for YOU when saying, “I will not be treated this way,” nor silently bullied by pack mentality.  Sorry you don’t see it that way. I must have it wrong;  the conflict, merely my imagination, as is your no longer looking me in the eye.

Online Dating Advice: Tips and Tricks (#6-#10)

Online Dating Tips In a continuing effort to find a suitable match I would like to offer some  more of my online dating tips and tricks for one to better understand the mind of DCK. … Tip #6—Excuses will not be tolerated. I completely understand that online format may not be “your thing.” It is not […]

Ich bin ein Ziploc Bag

I liken myself to a Ziploc bag. Seriously. You do get more out of it. Strong, versatile, dependable. How did you ever manage without the genius of it, and why would you want to.  I mean , food storage and freeze protection to getting your prize goldfish home alive from carnival (win-win!!) to keeping your * ahem*  “dimes” […]

Valentine’s Day gifts: Flawed thinking of the thought that counts

It’s almost Valentine’s Day… Dear Loverboys: It’s almost that time again. Time to shop for the vibrant, interesting, beautiful love that is your life. I mean you do know why you love her, yes? She is probably not even sweating the whole commercial meaningless Valentine’s day thing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t fuck it up […]