#Unapologetic Biologist

  I have read a lot on #unapologetic Barbie lately and maybe I am late to the band wagon, but this is what unapologetic looks like. It has nothing to do with looks whatsoever. It is simply knowing to stand your ground.  Every time. To fight, to be treated like every other schmuck you work with.   (The following letter inspired […]

Home Alone

Derby Mom v. Helicopter Parents: The following letter is based on an actual conversation  a mother had with me once finding out my 17-year-old son and his 9-year-old brother are left to their own devices  after school …home alone in Bayou Country Club…until 6 pm every day.  *Gasp!* Dear son’s girlfriend’s mother, Thank you for voicing […]

Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses, but they will at a roller derby girl any day of the week.

Letter to other women in bar from a roller derby girl To Whom it May Concern; I know you notice us when we walk in, me–all size 12 (Hell, who am I kidding…14) and 43 years of me—in hot pants and fish nets, others like me—my friends–some younger, some drunk, some way more than others, all of […]