The 12 step Program to a Better Drama Queen**

Drama Queen 12 Step Program Step 1. Slowly burn your bridges posting an insult in a Facebook status,  comment, and/or meme said to no one in particular but timed strategically to events or worded just right to allude to inside information that the intended target(s) would recognize. (It’s middle school, mean girl bullshit, not rocket science…) Step 2. Wait for target(s) […]

Player Code 101

 How to Tell if a Man Is Lying and/or an Asshole: You call him out on his shit. 1. He says, “That’s crazy!” 2. He says he wouldn’t be that stupid… a).….and how dare you think that 3. He explains his version—usually circumstance and coincidence: a) Of course his texts/phone call that would have negated […]

The Picture of Happiness, the Story, not so Much

Workbook Problem 1.1 Please read the following conversation between John Q. In-a-Facebook-Relationship-Dude and his significant other as witnessed on Facebook: Him: *status update* “Don’t you hate when such and such and/or so and so…” or “My tooth/ass/heart/balls/etc hurt…” (The details here are not important—only that it’s a complaint) Her: *comment to update* “Awwww….I love you!” Him: *Hit thumbs up button* “Thanks […]

Trash Talk 101: Definitions

Dumbass:  (n) origin unknown– 1.  A term typically used to indicate a difference of opinion in which DCK’s opinion is the logical and objective choice. Often added to the end of sentences for emphasis and as shorthand for “It is your choice to make. I respect that. I will still be here for you when the […]