Conversations with a 5 Year Old

Welcome to my time machine: DP Writing Challenge

I am killing two birds with one stone here: Why I started to write. Simply to capture moments in my life, insignificant snapshots that reveal so much. It started with my son, Keegan when he was five because pictures don’t capture enough, and the style is reflective in all my posts.  No defense or long-winded, detailed explanation-only the bare minimum of words.  You are welcome to see what you want to see.

So without further ado, (I’ve already said too much….) Here are two moments in time  (circa 2010):

First Day of Spring 2010

First Sign of Spring–tighty whities in the front yard. (Spring 2010)

Episode One: The Shoe Box

*come across a shoe box, amply decorated with various dinosaur/monster drawings, stashed away in a secret hidey hole*

DCK: *opening box* “What’s this K-man?”

Keegan:*straight face, serious tone* “All the weapons I’m NOT gonna kill you with.”

contents of box:
1. pistol (ie–squirt gun)
2. hand grenade (softball)
3. liquid lava (juice bottle)
4 rock (rock)

Episode Two: “Touched by an Angel” or just simply “Touched”

Keegan: “Mom. Why do you call me Keegan?”
DCK: “Because that’s what I named you when you were a baby.”
Keegan: “But God told me my name is Jonathan.”
DCK: “Really? How nice. When was this?”
Keegan: ” A couple days ago. But it’s okay. I told him Keegan was my nickname…

…He’s fine with that.”

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