About DCK


Yeah that’s me.

In public….

So maybe I AM out there.


I don’t know.

I don’t particularly care where I fall in the spectrum of acceptance. (So says me anyway  and this carefully crafted blog aimed to convince you of such…) I always choose to be dealt with on my terms.

So let’s start here….

Hi. My name is Denise (DCK are my initials), and I started this blog at the encouragement of friends who have told me I should write a book about my stories–trying to find a soul mate ….and/or equal….and/or decent man…and/or one goddamn decent second date (how hard can it be for Christ’s sake).  It is harder than it seems when you know what you don’t want and not afraid to not take it.

So take each entry as advice that’s not advice. I am not going to presume to tell you what to do. I am showing you how it’s done.  How I’ve done it. (You are welcome to laugh at my pain.) Like the “haute couture” of badassery, I am certainly not meant for  mass consumption and/or general public, please take inspiration from pieces of my life and adapt to your style. I hope in doing so you find your own strength and own voice and the courage to live with no excuses or apologies.  To anyone. …Fuck them.

 Additional facts contextual to your reading enjoyment:

  • I am a 44 year-old, divorced, single mother of 4.
  • They do dumb shit.
  • That I was a good wife once…debatable.
  • I grew up tomboy, beating boys at their own games my whole life.
  • Boys are dumb
  • I currently work as a  field biologist (ie  a “man’s” field–with all men).
  • Men are dumb
  • I also currently live in the deep, deep South where girls are still raised to be cheerleaders and/or wives.
  • Cheerleading is dumb.
  • Wifery is overrated
  • I play roller derby (circa 2008). Derby name is Alpha Bitch.
  • I do some dumb shit…sometimes.
  • Go figure.

For you slow learners–You might want to check out my crib notesAre you man enough for DCK quizzes, and tips and tricks


11 thoughts on “About DCK

    1. I agree with you on a few points, Denise. 1. boys are dumb; 2. men are dumb; 3. cheerleading is dumb; and 4. wifery is overrated.

  1. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good god, I think you really do need to write a book though. I edit things cheap. Just sayin. ;) Love you Alpha!

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