Meet Keegan

He is 9 years old now, currently my youngest (of 4), and my reigning Golden Child.  (The other 3 are of no import to this blog being that they are older, out of the house, and/or just plain punks.  They may get a mention here or there but nevermind them.)

Keegan is what one might call ”artsy”. I’ve got a few other choice names for it but he is definitely one of a kind.  I started writing down his conversations years ago when it was all still very cute.  (I will be paying the price for my indulgence soon)  and will be posting those here as blogs titled–Conversations with a 5 Year Old (or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9-year-old) .

He has yet to say anything blog worthy as a 9-year-old so I am thinking his days of “Isn’t that the cutest most cleverest little boy ever” are numbered.  Being that his oldest sister is 22,  I am assuming he has so precious little time remaining as Golden Child until he must pass the crown to his niece or nephew. Poor thing.

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