Conversations with a 5 Year Old

Welcome to my time machine: DP Writing Challenge I am killing two birds with one stone here: Why I started to write. Simply to capture moments in my life, insignificant snapshots that reveal so much. It started with my son, Keegan when he was five because pictures don’t capture enough, and the style is reflective in all […]

What is a Nerd?: Redefining Cool

Conversations with an 8-Year old *Keegan explaining the finer points of being a nerd*   Keegan…”they wear strange clothes…” DCK: *mental note of Keegan’s “grunge” style Old Navy long john shirt under Incredible Hulk button up jammie shirt* Keegan: *makes circular motion with hand in front of face” “Their faces are all jacked up and freckled” DCK: […]

Fahrenheit 451

The shit they teach kids these days…..   * Keegan digging in school bag to show me something* Keegan: “Mom, this is WEIRD. You need to see this.” *hands me his second grade vocabulary worksheet and points to #10*  “LOOK!” DCK: “what?!” Keegan: “ That word. It’s like a teenager word or something.” DCK: *looks […]

The Car Trap (condensed version)

  *Alone in the car with my son Keegan, coming home from Baton Rouge–highlights sf  our one hour nonstop conversation* Keegan: “ And you know what?… Mom… Geez Mom gadgets aren’t powers. There IS a difference…. Why is Flash a superhero? I mean really. Running. That doesn’t kill bad guys… Did you hear me?…Lightning kills faster than  sharks… Did […]