Today’s Episode: “Genius as Fuck”

Read the following online introduction and someone please explain to me how in the hell am I NOT  seen coming from a mile away and why then men are stuck like deer in the headlights when talking to me, tripping over their own bullshi….err, logic.  You are going to get run over, fool. Him: “I […]

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Form letter #2 to Potential Online Dating Canidates

Dear 20-Something-with-all-the-bare chested-profile-pics-and-“About Me”-section-that-simply-states-“If you want to know, ask”; Please excuse my what-the-f*ck-do-you-want tone which you may have heard in my “What do you want” response to your “Hey Sexy”. Your righteous indignation has made me pause to think that maybe I did not actually hear, “Hi. My name/ info/first impression is not important. I […]