On the Depths of Fashion and Unconditional Love


Keegan on a clean day

Dear School Administrators;

I must admit I noticed when Keegan got out of the car he was still wearing 2 mismatched shoes. I had told him to change before we left, the correct matches to either pair in plain sight, but I had left it at that and allowed my blinders to go back up in terms of his choices .  It is not that I don’t care to notice, it is that I do. I don’t know what world he lives in sometimes that makes him want to do such–to wear mismatched shoes; to insist on wearing the grass stained pants he has attached himself to rather than the clean, exact same brand/size/style alternatives in his closest (which I go get and hand to him); or to insist on wearing his “lucky” socks 24/7 so that they (at least one of them) are no longer socks but mid calf leg warmers his foot has gone through the holes worn through them. Or any number of other things.  I do what I can to point out what others may expect. That’s enough, because I know THIS world which he has to learn to deal with is hard on kind, sensitive, oddball souls. I will have no part in the crushing of his spirit. He is beautiful as is, and more importantly…he looks perfectly fine.



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