Today’s Episode: “Genius as Fuck”


Read the following online introduction and someone please explain to me how in the hell am I NOT  seen coming from a mile away and why then men are stuck like deer in the headlights when talking to me, tripping over their own bullshi….err, logic.  You are going to get run over, fool.

Him: “I just want to say your a breathe of fresh air in a world of PC politness.  You are to the point. Very attractive to me. Im dominate as fuck so we would destroy each other but it might be fun trying”
DCK: “Lol. “Dominate as fuck..” never heard that one before. A battle royale perhaps?”
Him: “Absolutly.”
Him: “I want to meet you for a drink. I hate this online bullshit.”
DCK: “So does everyone. Its only bullshit if/when you make it out to be.”
Him: “I dont want to be a text buddy or a male girlfriend to these women.  This bullshit social media age. So yeah i could make lemonade out of lemons but who has time for that.   And yes im sure everyone does want to meet you for a drink. But im not them now am i?”
Him:  “You like to test the hell out of guys dont you?”
DCK: “I don’t give a fuck what type of girlfriend you don’t want to be.  I didn’t ask. And THIS is considered testing the hell out of you? No name, you. No conversation or nominal show of interest to build on? But yet a stated disinterest in spending any time on anyone.  You haven’t hit the lowest bar, much less the ground floor yet.  You need someone to hold your hand maybe?”
Him: “I didnt say you were testing me did i?”
Him: “You assume a lot. If your offering to hold my hand you can”
DCK: “Yes you did, and/or complained about not being able to pass. I don’t care what you call it. . …and you don’t read the writing on the wall when it is spelled out for you…again. That wasn’t an offer, genius.”
Him: *no response*
*end of conversation*

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