Today’s Episode: You can lead a (man)horticulture, but you cannot make him think



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Read the following online conversation (below) and please note to never overlook the obvious, but always overlook those that overlook of the obvious. It will save you the time and trouble of having to listen about your not hot enough-ness when they feel your burn. Obviously.

Him: “hey boo.”

DCK: “Hey bae”

Him: “I have to get to know you… We’re trading numbers.”

DCK: “So certain that you want to that you don’t trade yours?”

Him: “806787XXXX”

DCK: “John is it? You are going to have to do better than that. You think you are the first cocky 25-year-old thinking that is going to win me over with ”refreshing” nothingness and/or “hey, gimme your number…”
You have severely underestimated options available to me.”

Him:”Where do you live again?”

DCK: “*see profile pic, top left side of thread, this page, beside picture…immediately under profile name*

Him: “You aren’t that hot to have an attitude like that.”

DCK: “Like what? To expect sincere interest? Not hot enough to see your lack of third grade deduction skills? Not hot enough to not want dick pics sent to my phone by yet some unnamed random out of town strangers to further entice my non-hotness to become better acquainted and to fulfill our (as stated by said stranger) destiny?  Woe is me.

Besides you aren’t that hot to be that damn dumb.”

*end of conversation*


…don’t believe me?…

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